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Ethiopia is a land that has been devastated by famine, war and 17 years of repressive Marxist rule. Despite the end of Communism in 1991, regional and ethnic tensions continue to rend the fabric of this nation. However, amidst these difficult times, the number of evangelicals has doubled in the last ten years and the church in Ethiopia continues to experience a sovereign move of God.

PAOC missionary efforts have focused on strengthening the existing Pentecostal churches through the establishment of nine Bible training centers. Furthermore, during the famine years, thousands of tons of food and clothing were shipped to destitute families by ERDO, our Emergency Relief and Development Overseas program.

Brian and Valerie Rutten are based in Ethiopia and lead the work of PAOC from Ethiopia into the region of North Africa and the Middle East. The primary focus of their work, in partnership with strong and mature Ethiopian Church leaders, is leadership training and development of Christian communities, as well as relief and development in the region. There are many opportunities to bring the love and peace of Christ into this troubled area of the world. Ethiopia is the perfect base to accomplish this from as it is the Capital of Africa, hosting the Africa Union and is a bridge between the Middle East and Africa. It is also culturally and geographically close to the nations of North Africa and the Middle East. It is politically stable and promotes religious freedom.

Brian & Valerie Rutten

The gospel continues to influence the nation of Ethiopia. We are involved in a variety of ways through teaching, church planting and leadership development. Jeremy works in teaching and developing leaders. With the great move of church planting there is a desperate need for new local church leadership. He travels to various regions to give local church based training. He also works with campus ministry. Teresa works in teaching music and working with youth in an English church in Addis. She also teaches English in the church and in the community.

NPA's Heart for Ethiopia

Facts At A Glance 

Capital City: Addis Ababa
Population: 62,564,875
Evangelicals: 19.7%
Official Language: Amharic
PAOC work began in: 1958

Jeremy & Teresa Feller 

Timothy, Bethany & Zoe

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